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We invite you to celebrate the depth of our tradition. In life cycles, holidays, and educational events, in a way that will enrich you spiritually and intellectually here in Aspen and anywhere in the world in an open and inviting atmosphere.

Education + Bar Mitzvahs

Our goal is to teach Jewish tradition in a way that is intelligent, inspiring, and relevant to the life of every student. We offer group classes, on-on-one torturing and now teach classes via Skype as well.

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Educational Events

We at Neshama Center Aspen devote our time to teaching the challenging chronicles of Judaism and the history of the Holocaust. Working collaboratively with schools writing and editing true stories from the Holocaust, together with student teachers, artists, and music, we experience and remember the survivors through the presentation at the local theater and screened in real time for schools in the area.

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 As the holiday season approaches, the transition between the old year and the new year allows for a time of self-reflection as we blow the shofar in spiritual preparation for new beginnings. 

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