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Passover at The Little Nell Hotel's Element 47

Neshama Center and Shlomo are so excited to once again have the opportunity to share with the Aspen Community a meaningful, spiritual and delicious Passover Seder at The Little Nell's Element 47.

The Seder will be on April 14 at 5:30pm.

Check out the attached menus below!

To make reservations please call 970-920-6330.


Golshim L'Chaim-Ski to Live is a Non-Profit Program that brings disabled Israeli Veteran IDF Soldiers to Aspen for a week of healing and physical challenge. Their week on the mountains is therapeutic, life changing and inspirational for our all volunteer community.

The 2014 Golshim L'Chaim- Ski to live dates have been confirmed! We welcome another awesome group of brave men and women on February 25 through March 4.

***There are a few changes to the schedule below:

  • The Shabbat Dinner is at the Limelight on Feb 28
  •  Bowling is on March 1 at Slow Your Roll at The Snowmass Village Mall


vets scedule 2014.jpg

Girls Group is Back!

Our Girls Group is back! Girls, 12-18 years old, are invited to join our new friend Courtney Schorr of AspenPLAY for an afternoon of learning the Art of Clowning!

Saturday, March 15th from 4:30-6:00 at the WC3,  just before the Purim Carnival.

Part of the Purim tradition is MORE! Do more, dance more, laugh more, read more, love more and do more of what you love!

To instill this tradition, we are introducing the idea of clowning to help our girls exaggerate the more! Clowns embellish everything from their clothes and outward appearances to their emotions and what's inside.

On Purim, we are asked to rid our daily routines and do things a little differently. We are going to challenge your girls to remove the masks of their everyday person, and show us who they really are. To find their inner clown!

They will learn about expression, pantomime, face painting, and the array of clowns that exist from mimes, to hobos, to the traditional “bozo”. (More information to follow).

Also, on Purim, we are asked to develop a sense of giving, to get out of ourselves, and to laugh at ourselves. To let go of self-centeredness because not everything is about us. We make Purim baskets (misloach manot), which are given to both our friends and to those who are less fortunate than us.

Your girls will not only be reminded of the importance of giving and doing more for others, but how to be silly and not take themselves too seriously!

Starting at 4:30-6:00pm followed by the Purim Carnival where our girls will get to show off their new faces painting skills!!

We hope to see you there and what’s behind your mask as well!


Ruby's Bat Mitzvah

In my torah portion Miriam faces extraordinary consequences as a result of her gossiping about her brother Moses to her other brother Aaron.   Because of this gossiping she develops leprosy a horrible skin condition. Gossiping, though sometimes it doesn’t feel that severe, can really hurt. It can create huge problems, and lots of misinformation....just because so-and-so says that it’s right doesn’t mean it is. King Solomon said nearly 3,000 years ago “the death and the life are on the hand of your tongue.”  Good judgement is necessary when we start to talk about others. In addition to good judgement, one also needs to have a good heart to be a good person.......

Jordan's Bat Mitzvah : June 7, 2013

I would like to start my service with a quote by the sages, that came from the Talmood. It says that each one of us can say that the whole world has been created just for themselves, and while this sounds selfish it also comes with responsibilities. If you decide to except this statement that the world is created for your usage, you have been given the authority to take on. This mean taking care of those in need, helping others around you, and giving back to the community. And if each one of us can understand this wisdom, the entire world will becomes a better place to live in.