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Letter from United with Israel : Support Israeli Soliders

Dear Dalia,

As you may have heard, over the past few days Israel has been hit with a massive winter storm, the most severe in 150 years. While heavy snowfall has turned much of Israel into a winter wonderland, heavy flooding, freezing temperatures and icy road conditions have paralyzed many of Israel's population centers.

Due to the frigid weather, there has been a sharp increase in requests for warm winter clothing for IDF soldiers on military bases throughout Israel.

While the IDF provides all military gear, winter items such as extra-warm coats, hats, gloves and thermals are not supplied. Unfortunately, many needy families as well as lone soldiers are not able to provide these essential items.

But here's how you can help...

You can send a winter care package along with a personal note of support to Israeli soldiers all over the country. The IDF 'Warm Winter' campaign is ongoing and there is no better time than now to participate.

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We feel privileged to thank the brave young men and women of the IDF who risk their lives every day to protect and defend the People of Israel. As we saw first-hand at this year's Chanukah party on the Shechem military base, the soldiers are truly touched by your concern. It means so much to them!

Now is the time to express appreciation with much-needed winter care packages. The soldiers thank you very much for your kindness and generosity.

Send your Warm Winter Gift and personal note:

With Blessings from Israel,
The 'United with Israel' Family
Soldiers' gifts can be mailed to a US address:
United with Israel
PO Box 151
Lawrence, NY 11559
United States

Soldiers' gifts can be mailed directly to Israel:
United with Israel
8/19 Nachal Maor St.
Box 71530
Bet Shemesh 99623

Click below to send your gift using our online system